Reward Farming

Send money to others on the PIP extension. Earn PIP tokens. PIP has an interactive token distribution model. Users who send tokens to other users with PIP extension, earn regular rewards of $PIP token. The goal is to accelerate the transition to Web3 by attracting more users. Rewards may be subject to user-specific limits.

General Rules

  • Reward farming period: Rewards are calculated daily, based on the past 24 hours’ transaction activity. ( 00:00 UTC )
  • Reward distribution: Daily farming rewards will be distributed to users 6 hours after the end of each day.
  • All the rewards will be calculated based on successful transactions.
  • Refunds, Pending or Cancelled transactions will not be included to reward farming calculations.
  • Transaction time is based on the receiver's receiving time.
  • A notification will be sent in advance if any changes occur to reward farming (rate, etc.).
  • Daily PIP reward limits may change due to user participation and the balance of the farming system.
  • PIP.ME transactions have no fees and are not included in Farming Rewards.
  • PIP token transactions are not included in Reward Farming.
Multi-use of wallet addresses and social media profiles is not allowed. The users who try to exploit or abuse the system will be banned permanently from the PIP ecosystem.

How are rewards calculated?

Rewardable Actions

  • Send money with PIP extension on supported platforms
  • Spend money with PIP extension on supported platforms
UserReward=(IndividualPoints/AllPoints)∗DailyRewardUser Reward = (Individual Points / All Points ) * Daily Reward
IndividualPoints=NetworkRate∗VolumeRateIndividual Points = Network Rate * Volume Rate

A. Network Rate

Applicable only for Send/Spend transactions.
Point rates are based on which channel is used for the transaction.
PIP Tags
.sol Domains

B. Volume Rate

Users who have a higher volume will get higher points.
VolumeRate=AssetRate∗FeeRateVolume Rate = Asset Rate * Fee Rate

1. Asset Rate

Stablecoins ( USDC, BUSD, DAI, USDT )
Others ( SOL, MATIC, BNB, ETH, CAKE .... )
PIP transactions are not included in Reward Farming.
2. Fee Rate
TransactionAmount(USD)∗0.01Transaction Amount ( USD ) * 0.01
  • Fees are applicable only for sending money.
  • The processing fee is %1
  • The fee is collected by the asset to be transmitted.

Claiming Rewards

You can claim your rewards after 02:00 am ( UTC ) at any time from the PIP extension. You need at least 1 PIP as a collectible reward to claim. Claimed rewards will be sent directly to your PIP wallet address. Any rewards you don't claim will still be available the next day.