The only Web3 Link in bio tool, you'll ever need

PIP.ME is a simple way to create a customizable link in bio, designed for crypto payments. It enables you to create a unique, shareable link that can be added to your social media profile or website. Share the page anywhere online. Additionally, PIP.ME is a great way to monetize your social media presence or to use it as a way to accept donations or payments for goods and services.

How to use PIP.ME?

1. Select the network and Connect your wallet

PIP.ME supports various wallets for Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Base, Optimism and Avalanche C-Chain networks. Please install and set up your wallet before you sign in to PIP.ME.

Select the network and Connect one of the supported wallets to start using PIP.ME.

💸pageHow to Install Wallets

2. Create your unique PIP.ME URL

Once your wallet is connected, you can claim your unique username which will also be your PIP.ME page URL. This will allow you to customize your profile and make it your own.

Your profile will be available on "pip.me/[username]"

3. Customize your page

PIP.ME offers various functions to personalize your page by editing your personal information, adding links, and showcasing your favorite NFTs. You can also review all changes on the page and check the preview with the demo screen.

PIP.ME offers various features to personalize your page by editing personal information, adding links, and showcasing your favorite NFTs. You can also add a bio, profile picture, and other information to PIP.ME pages You can always preview how the page looks before publishing and match it with your style.

Additionally, PIP.ME gives users the flexibility to make changes and adjustments to their page as needed, so they can keep their page updated and relevant.

Receiving Money with PIP.ME

PIP.ME makes receiving money super easy! Every PIP.ME profile comes with its own pay button, making it easy to receive payments directly. Plus, you can customize the text on your pay button to match your brand. When someone wants to send you money, they can easily do so through the built-in payment tool on your profile. And the best part is you can connect other networks to your PIP.ME profile accepts different types of currencies, so you can be sure to never miss out on a payment.

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