Setting your Store

To use PIP Checkout, it is necessary to provide the required information for your business account.

The "Business Information" profile represents your PIP Store information. It can be used to introduce your store to customers through a profile picture and a brief description. The URL for your PIP Store is[PIP tag]. Here, [PIP tag] refers to the unique username you entered when signing up.

PIP Store is where your products are showcased, and you can manage your selling items by adding or removing them through the PIP Dashboard.

The Store / Business Information section includes the following information:

  1. Image upload: You can upload your store logo.

  2. Store name: Display your business name.

  3. Store Description: Write a brief introduction about your store.

  4. Support email address: This email address will be displayed on customer receipts. It will also be used to receive sales notifications and receipts for products purchased through PIP Checkout.

  5. Sales tax: Online sales tax, also known as "E-Commerce sales tax," is an automatic fee applied to the total revenue of online retail businesses. Sales tax rates vary from one jurisdiction to another. If you are aware of the need to remit sales tax in specific countries or jurisdictions, please enter the applicable percentage here. Sales tax can be set from 0.01% to 100%.

  6. Social profiles: You can display social icons to promote your company on your store. Supported social profiles include Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

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