Dashboard (For Merchants)

In the "Product Dashboard," you can perform the following actions:

Creating a New Product:

  • Product Description: You can add the name and description of the product.

  • Price Setting: The price of the product can be set from $0.1 to $1,000. You can also select the network and choose the desired token to receive payments in the dashboard.

  • Supply: You can enter a quantity from 0 to 999. If set to 0, it will be displayed as "Out of Stock" in the store.

  • Customer Information: This is the information collected when a buyer makes a purchase. PIP Checkout collects the buyer's name and email by default.

  • Why do we collect names and emails? We send purchase receipts via email. Buyers can use these receipts to review transaction records and delivery status. Additionally, you may collect the buyer's address for shipping purposes.

  • Refundability: You can specify whether refunds are possible for the checkout. Enabling this feature provides a "Refund" option while disabling it removes the "Refund" option.

  • Create Checkout: By clicking this button, the product will be published on the store, and you can start selling it. To temporarily pause the sale of a product, you can go to the product detail page and change the status to "Unpublish" to remove the product from the store's sales listings.

Product Details

Editing a Product: You can modify the information related to a product at any time by clicking on "Edit product."

Deleting a Product: You have the option to delete a product.

  1. Customers will no longer be able to make purchases.

  2. The product will be completely removed from the dashboard.

  3. However, customers who have purchased the product will still have access to the URL through their receipts. Deleting a product does not delete the product or its associated data. Your product will remain as you designed it, but it will be removed from your store and dashboard.

Publishing a Product: You can publish or unpublish a product in the store. When unpublished, it will be displayed as "Draft" in the dashboard.

Sharing a Product: You can share the product sales link in four different ways.

  • QR code: You can send a QR code.

  • Share Link: You can copy the product link.

  • Share: You can share the link on Twitter, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

  • Send Email: You can share the link with the buyer via email.

Order Details


Order ID

A random ID is assigned by PIP for every purchase.


The name assigned to the product.


The exact time of the purchase in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Payment Status

Current payment status. Received: The transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain network. Failed: The transaction has failed. Refund In progress: The refund process for this charge has started. It cannot be canceled once the payment is refunded. Refunded: The refund has been completed on the blockchain network.

Total received

Subtotal ($) Amount paid by the customer, including the sales tax.

Customer details

Displays the buyer's information received from the customer. Name* / Email* / Address

Receipt URL

Receipt link.

Transaction ID

Connects to the Transaction ID and Transaction Explorer.

Fulfillment Status

Sellers can manually set the fulfillment status. Unfulfilled: The product is being prepared for shipment (not yet fulfilled). Fulfilled: The product has been packaged and shipped (fulfilled). On hold: Temporarily on hold.

Refund payment

Refund button (more detailed information is provided below).

[Refund payment] This feature can be turned on/off during the process of creating a checkout in the Dashboard. Refunds are always processed in the currency used for the order payment.

Here are the regulations regarding refunds:

  • The refund window is 48 hours from the moment the Payment Status changes to Received. (After 48 hours, the refund button will be deactivated.)

  • Partial refunds are not possible.

  • If the Refundable feature was not enabled when creating the checkout, the refund functionality will not be available.

The following rules apply when processing refunds:

  • Refunds will be processed to the wallet used for payment.

  • Refunds will be made in the same currency that the customer used for payment. If the customer paid with MATIC, the refund will be in MATIC.

  • If currency conversion is necessary for the refund, the current exchange rate at the time of conversion will be used, not the exchange rate at the time of the order. Network fees will be applied during the conversion. Conversion fees and service fees will not be refunded.

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