Payment Links

Sending money without knowing receivers' addresses with a payment link
A payment Link is the easiest way to send crypto to anyone without knowing their wallet addresses. You can also track all of your payments at once through the PIP dashboard. Receivers can withdraw the funds by entering their wallet addresses or connecting their wallet extensions to the link.
You can earn and claim $PIP rewards by creating the payment link. Please visit the Reward Farming page for more information.
PIP Payment Link


Connect one of the supported wallets for signing up.
You can create the first payment link by filling out the required information. All created links can be managed and monitored in the dashboard. You must connect other networks to your website to send different currencies.
Please check whether the Payment Due option is turned on. If it is turned on, the link will be expired after 24 hours. When the receiver does not withdraw the fund from the link until it is passed, the deposited fund will be automatically refunded to your wallet.
Create payment link

Checking the status

There are four main statuses for the payment link. You can check the status of each connection by reviewing the dashboard or visiting each link's detail page.
: The link is being processed; receivers cannot withdraw the fund.
: This link is ready; receivers can withdraw the fund.
: Receivers already withdrew the fund from this link.
: This link is canceled by the person who issued this link.
After creating the payment link, you can share the URL with text, QR code, e-mail, and messengers. Please manage the link carefully. Anybody can withdraw the fund when accessing the link.
Share the payment link
There are two options for withdrawing the funds.
  • Withdraw with Connecting the wallet: Connect your wallet through the mobile application or desktop extension to withdraw. Funds will be automatically sent to the wallet you connect.
  • Withdraw with Public key: Copy and paste the receiver's public key to withdraw.
Withdrawing the funds