🔗Payment Links

Instant payments anywhere

Payment Links are unique URLs that allow users to send money to a specific PIP user or address without needing to know their wallet address. Payment Links can be shared through various forms of communication, such as email or text message, and can be used to make payments for goods or services, or to send money to friends and family. Payment links are a convenient and easy way to make transactions within the PIP ecosystem and are a key feature of the PIP platform.

You can also earn $PIP rewards by creating payment links. Please visit the Reward Farming page for more information.

1. Select a network and Connect your wallet

PIP supports various wallets for Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Optimism, Base and Avalanche C-Chain networks. Please install and set up your wallet before you sign in to Payment links.

Select the network and Connect one of the supported wallets to start using Payment Links

💸How to Install Wallets

Creating your first payment is easy, simply input the required information.

  • Select your preferred currency

  • Set the amount for your payment link.

  • Add a message to the receiver

  • Select "Add Payment Due" option

You can keep track of all your payment links through the dashboard and manage them as needed. Additionally, you can send a variety of tokens by connecting other networks to your PIP tag.

The "Payment Due" option is enabled by default, which means that if a payment link goes unclaimed, it will expire after 24 hours from the time it was created and the funds will be returned to your wallet.

There are four primary statuses for the Payment links. You can check the status of each link by reviewing the dashboard or by visiting the detail page for each link.

Once you've created a payment link, you can share the URL through text, QR code, email, and messaging platforms. It's important to handle the link with care, as anyone who accesses the link will be able to withdraw the funds.

There are two options for withdrawing funds.

  • Withdraw to the connected wallet: Connect your wallet through the mobile application or desktop extension to withdraw. Funds will be automatically sent to the wallet you connect.

  • Withdraw via Public key: Copy and paste the receiver's public key to withdraw.

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