↔️PIP Token - ERC20 Bridge Guide

Updated on 09.18.2023

PIP Token is now available on ETHEREUM - ERC20, and you can bridge PIP tokens from Solana to Ethereum with ease. Before diving into the process, it's important to ensure the accuracy of the contract addresses when bridging or swapping tokens:

PIP - Solana ( SPL )


wPIP - Solana ( SPL ) - PIP Wormhole


PIP - Ethereum ( ERC20 )


1. Swap PIP ( SPL ) tokens to wPIP ( PIP Wormhole ) tokens

  • Connect the wallet containing your PIP tokens.

  • Swap your PIP tokens with wPIP.

  • Verify the contract addresses before completing the swap. Please check the contract adresses before you complete the swap.

  • After the swap you will see PIP ( PIP Wormhole ) tokens in your wallet.

2. Swap wPIP ( PIP Wormhole ) tokens with PIP ( ERC20 ) tokens

The next step is to go to https://www.portalbridge.com/#/transfer - Portal Bridge is a product of Wormhole which is the most used cross-chain solution

  • Select "Source" as Solana and "Target" as Ethereum.

  • Connect your Solana wallet with Portal Bridge.

After that we have to connect our Solana wallet with Portal Bridge and Select the PIP token from the list Please check the token contract address again before you select wPIP - Solana ( SPL ) - Wormhole

  • Now, connect your Ethereum wallet.

  • Select the wallet where you want to receive PIP (ERC20) tokens.

  • Ensure you have enough Ethereum (ETH) for transaction fees.

3. Transfer and Complete the Bridge

  • Review and confirm the transfer. Transactions may take a short time to execute.

  • Once completed, you will find your PIP (ERC20) tokens safely in your Ethereum wallet.

Always double-check the contract addresses and follow these steps carefully to bridge your PIP tokens from Solana to Ethereum.

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