🦄PIP Version 1.5 - BNB Chain Integration

The long wait is over! BNB Smart Chain support is now live on the PIP extension.

With the new update, PIP users can send and receive BNB Smart Chain tokens on Twitter, Discord, Twitch, and Reddit using the PIP extension.

If your extension has been updated to version 1.5, please sign out and sign in to make everything work properly.

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New Features

🦄 Binance Wallet Support 🔸 New currency - $BNB 🔸 New currency - BUSD Support New Tags username@bnb / username@busd ⬆️ Switch Network Function 🪙 Reward Farming on BNB Smart Chain

Binance Wallet Support

After selecting your network, you can choose Binance Wallet and register to PIP with your Binance Wallet address or current Solana users can also add Binance wallet to their account. A new dashboard for the BNB chain is also ready!

$BNB and $BUSD

The PIP extension now supports sending and receiving $BNB and $BUSD from the BNB Chain. We will keep adding new BNB Chain tokens to PIP on a regular basis.

New PIP Tags

You can now receive money from anywhere on the Internet by using two new PIP tags.



Switch Network Function

The PIP extension is now compatible with Solana and BNB Chain. For each chain, you don't need to create a separate account.

When you create a new account with BNB Chain, you can connect a Solana wallet to it. If you create a new account with Solana, you can connect to BNB Chain.

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