Create and send a crypto-supported invoice in minutes.

PIP Invoice is a web-based application that offers a simple and secure way to issue a crypto-supported invoice. With this product, anyone can create an invoice and share it via E-mail, messengers, or even a simple URL for personal or business purposes. It also provides a dashboard that enables invoice issuers to manage all invoices and check the detail with a few clicks.

You are eligible to earn $PIP rewards by paying for the invoice If you use a wallet that is connected to the PIP ecosystem. Please visit the Reward Farming page for more information.

How to use PIP Invoice?

1️⃣ Select a network and connect your wallet

Preparing the wallet

All PIP products, including PIP Invoice, currently support Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Optimism, Base and Avalanche C-Chain Network. Please install and set up your wallet before register and sign in

💸pageHow to Install Wallets

Register or Sign in

Select the network and connect one of the supported wallets to start using the invoice. If the address of the connected wallet is not registered to the PIP ecosystem, it is required to claim the PIP tag before using the invoice.

A PIP tag is a unique Web3 identifier and a user-friendly address that can be used to receive money on any website or supported social platform. Visit Social Pay for more information.

2️⃣ Creating an invoice

  1. Click 'Create an invoice' or 'Create your first invoice' on the dashboard.

  2. Enter the information about the invoice.

    • Invoice Title

    • Customer Name

    • Select your preferred currency

    • Amount

    • Message

  3. Click the 'Create Invoice' button

There are four main ways to share the unique invoice URL after creation.

  • Downloading and sending QR Code linked to the URL

  • Copying the URL to the clipboard

  • Sharing the URL with WhatsApp, Telegram, and Twitter

  • Sending an e-mail that includes the URL

4️⃣ Paying for the invoice

Anyone who receives the link can access the invoice through its unique URL. There are two main ways to process the invoice: Paying with a QR code or Paying with a wallet extension.

  1. Please enter your e-mail address to receive the receipt or confirmation e-mail.

  2. Click the 'Continue' button to unlock payment methods

☝️ Paying with a QR Code

  1. Scan the QR code with one of the supported mobile wallet applications.

  2. Process the payment on the mobile device.

  3. After the transaction, the confirmation e-mail will be sent.

✌️ Paying with a wallet extension

  1. Select 'Pay with Extension'.

  2. Select the wallet with enough funds.

  3. Process the payment on the wallet extension window.

  4. After the transaction, the confirmation e-mail will be sent.

How to manage the PIP Invoice?

1️⃣ Checking the invoice status

There are three statuses that provide a brief overview of each invoice's progress. To obtain more details regarding each status update, please visit the corresponding link's detail page.

2️⃣ Canceling the invoice

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