🅿️PIP Token




The total supply of PIP is 1,000,000,000 tokens, all minted at once. PIP Tokens will be distributed among 4 main groups. Community Treasury is 690,000,000 PIPs ( 69%) of the Total PIP supply. Community treasury will be distributed among 5 groups.

Vesting Period

Reward Farming

Users can earn $PIP through various engagements: create new content, send and receive with peers, and interact in the PIP community to receive regular rewards of $PIP token.


$PIP is the native token of PipDAO. DAO represents ownership of the PIP ecosystem. $PIP holders are members of PipDAO and possess ownership of the PIP ecosystem.

Staking Rewards

Liquidity providers gain rewards based on their percentage share of the overall liquidity pool. These rewards are paid in our native token $PIP to every provider that locks liquidity.

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