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Social Payments Made Simple

Social Pay is a browser extension that connects the traditional web (Web2) with the decentralized web (Web3) and allows anyone on the internet to make cryptocurrency transactions on popular social platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Discord, and Github.

The extension also allows the use of PIP tags, which are user-friendly versions of a cryptocurrency address, enabling users to send and receive funds on any website or social media platform.

How to use Social Pay?

1. Download the Social Pay extension

Please visit Google Chrome Store and install the extension on your browser. PIP extension supports desktop Chrome, Opera, and Edge browsers.

2. Select the network and Connect your wallet

PIP supports various wallets for Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Base, Optimism and Avalanche networks. Please install and set up your wallet before you sign in to Social Pay.

Select the network and Connect one of the supported wallets to start using Social Pay.

💸How to Install Wallets

3. Create your free PIP Tag

After connecting your wallet, you can claim your unique PIP tag, which serves as your Web3 ID and a user-friendly cryptocurrency address. This allows other PIP users to send money to you without needing to know your wallet address on any website or social media platform. PIP tags are like your wallet addresses on the PIP ecosystem. You can share your PIP tag anywhere to receive payments.

4. Connect your social profile and Send money

Social Pay allows you to send on Discord, Twitter, Twitch, Github, and Reddit with special buttons. You are all set after connecting one of the supported platforms. You can start sending money with PIP on social platforms.

Send Money

Send money with PIP tags

When the browser extension is active, it will identify PIP tags on any webpage. By hovering the cursor over the tag, the payment module will be enabled and you can send money. If the tag specifies a desired currency for the transaction (example: user@busd), the extension will automatically switch to the appropriate network to complete the process.

When the Social Pay browser extension is active, a pay button will automatically be added to each post and user profile on social media platforms. You can send money to the users with these buttons.

Users can also send money to non-PIP users through the PIP escrow service. The funds will be held for 24 hours and automatically sent to the recipient once they register for PIP within that time frame. If the recipient does not register, the escrowed funds will be returned to the sender.

Reward Farming

Reward farming is a unique program that incentivizes active PIP users. You will receive a $PIP token as a reward while you send money via the Social Pay extension. PIP rewards are calculated daily and you can claim $PIP rewards every day.

For more information, please visit the Reward farming document.

🪙Reward Farming

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