❤️PIP Version 1.9 - Avalanche Network & Coinbase Wallet

📣 We're thrilled to announce that you can now start sending and receiving $AVAX using all PIP products, with the added bonus of being able to use Coinbase Wallet on all our web-based tools to expand your Web3 payment options!

🚀 Avalanche C-Chain Integration:

Thanks to our latest integration with Avalanche, you can easily create a new PIP tag or connect your existing one to the Avalanche using Metamask or Coinbase Wallet. Once you're connected, your wallet network will automatically switch to the Avalanche network, allowing you to send and receive $AVAX with ease. Plus, you can even farm and claim rewards directly from the Avalanche network.

🆕 New PIP Tag for Avalanche Users:

In addition, we're excited to introduce a new PIP tag for Avalanche users: simply add "@avalanche" to your PIP username to start using it.

💼 Coinbase Wallet Support:

Coinbase Wallet support is now available on all web-based PIP products, including PIP.ME, Payment Links, Pay Button, and Invoice.

We'll soon be adding Coinbase Wallet support to our Social Pay extension as well! We're making it easier than ever to connect with the rapidly expanding Web3 world and experience the future of digital payments firsthand.

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