💜PIP Version 1.7 - Polygon Integration

PIP now supports the most outstanding layer-2 blockchain.

All PIP products (PIP extension, PIP.ME, PIP Button, Payment link) now support the Polygon blockchain compatible with Ethereum with a much lower fee and much higher security.

Connecting Polygon Network

  • Create a new PIP tag or connect Polygon Network to the existing tag with Metamask.

  • The wallet network will automatically be changed when connecting to the Polygon network.

  • PIP now supports tokens that support multi-chains like $USDC.

  • You can farm and claim rewards from Polygon Network.

New Listings

  • You can send and receive $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, and $MATIC with all PIP products

  • New PIP tags are available: username@polygon username@usdt username@dai

  • Use username@usdc in both Polygon and Solana networks.

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