🦊PIP Version 1.6 - MetaMask and Github Integration + New Listings

WEN Metamask support? Now is the time.

We are so delighted to announce you that PIP ecosystem now supports Metamask, one of the most famous all-in-one wallets for Web3. You can also send and receive $DOGE and $CAKE with PIP extension, PIP.ME, and PIP Button.

Metamask Support

  • You can use the wallet when connect your tag to BNB Smart Chain.

  • Please change the network to BNB Smart Chain while connecting.

  • You can use your Metamask wallet to generate a PIP Button and receive payments.

  • You can send and receive $DOGE and $CAKE with PIP Extension on Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Reddit and Github.

  • You can send and receive $DOGE and $CAKE with PIP.ME

  • You can receive $DOGE and $CAKE with PIP Button

  • New PIP tags available: username@doge , username@cake

Social Integration: Github

  • You can connect your Github account to your PIP tag on PIP extension.

  • SNS button will be automatically attached to each user's Github profile page.

  • Send money to Github users with direct and escrow service.

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