PIP Extension

Social Payments Made Simple
PIP Extension bridges Web2 and Web3 and allows anyone on the Internet to transact crypto payments on existing social networks, including Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Discord, and Github.
PIP Extension overview

Installing the extension

Please visit Google Chrome Store and install the extension on your browser.


Connect one of the supported wallets for signing up.
After registration, you must claim a PIP tag, which will be your Web3 ID and a human-readable crypto address. PIP users can send money to your PIP tag without knowing your wallet address on any website or social media.

Sending Payments

Send money to others on the Internet with a PIP tag (
) or a pay button (

Sending money with a PIP tag

When the extension is activated, it will detect every PIP tag on any webpage. Hover the cursor on the tag to turn on the payment module and send money.
If the tag includes a currency a user hopes to receive ([email protected]), the selected network will be changed automatically to continue the process.
When sending tokens, you may be asked to allow the spending limit for security purposes. This process will enable PIP to access your wallet fund to transact tokens.
Sending money with a pip tag

Sending money with a pay button

Please connect one of your social media to use a pay button.
When the extension is activated, a pay button will be automatically embedded in every post and user profile on social media. You can start the payment module and send money to the tag by clicking it.
Send money to anyone not registered in the PIP ecosystem via escrow service. Money will be saved for 24 hours and automatically sent to recipients when they sign up for the PIP within the deadline. If not, the escrowed fund will be returned.
You can turn off the detection option on the setting page (
Sending money with a pay button

Adding and Switching Networks

It is recommended to add other supported blockchain networks (
) to use the full functions of the PIP extension, such as claiming rewards and sending other types of tokens. You can check the connection status by clicking a button (
) at the upper-right side of the extension window.
Switch the network to send various currencies and earn rewards by clicking the network button at the upper-center side of the extension (
) and choosing the network to switch.
Adding and Switching Networks

Connecting Social Media

Connect your social media account to the PIP tag to utilize escrow services and send money to non-members. Manage all supported social media on the social page.
Connecting Social Media

Reward Farming

Please connect a Solana wallet to receive claimed $PIP.
Reward farming is a unique program that incentivizes active PIP users. You will receive $PIP, our native governance token, while you send money via the PIP extension. You can click the "Claim" button to claim $PIP. It will be calculated daily and should be more than 1 $PIP to claim.
Reward Farming