The only Web3 Link in bio tool, you'll ever need

New Web3 Identity

PIP.ME is a free-to-use customizable Web3 link-in-bio tool and page. It offers various add-ons and modules. You can personalize your PIP.ME page to highlight your identity or boost your business.
  • Customizing pages and claiming a unique PIP.ME URL
  • Displaying your links, socials, NFTs without no limitation
  • Getting paid directly to the wallet with built-in crypto payments supporting mobile and QR
  • Sharing a link everywhere online
PIP.ME transactions are not included in the reward farming program.

Get Started

Signing up

Connecting Wallets

Connect one of the supported wallets (
Phantom for Solana,
Binance Wallet and
Metamask for BNB Chain) for registration.
Please use the in-app browser in the mobile wallet application.
Claim your unique PIP tag and URL.
Your address is not reversible. Please claim it carefully.

Set up your profile

After claiming your unique link, set up your profile by adding your profile image, name, and description to express yourself.
After setting your profile, you will be directed to the admin page that includes various options to customize your link in bio page.

Admin page / Bio

  • Editing your profile photo, nickname, and description
  • Managing social icons
  • Managing all links and NFTs
  • Renaming the title of pay button

Admin page / style

  • Customizing all design components of the website
  • Accessing wallet page and FAQ
  • Copying and pasting PIP.ME address and tag name
  • Checking the connected wallet
  • Signing out

Sending money with pay button

You should connect both mainnets to receive both SPL and BEP tokens.
  • Any visitors with SOL/BNB wallets can send money to website owners with pay button.
  • Senders do not have to connect wallet to PIP.ME or register.