PIP Extension

Built for Social Payments

PIP Extension allows anyone to send and receive crypto payments on existing social networks; such as Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, and Discord.
PIP Extension bridges Web2 and Web3 worlds so that billions of connected people on the internet can freely transact money across the globe.
Sending money to contents shows appreciation. Like buttons are all equal and binary, whereas micropayments provide monetary weight to likes.
Just like we tip a waiter or musician on the street, people show appreciation with value. The internet is no different.

PIP Tags

PIP Tag is a human-readable crypto address + payment button that works on any web pages of the internet, not just social networks.
Users can post their PIP tag on web pages to receive payments. PIP Extension will highlight PIP Tags so that senders can make payments.

How it Works

PIP supports desktop Chrome, Opera and Edge browsers. Install PIP extension and pin it to your extensions section on your browser.

Sign in and Connect with your wallet

PIP supports Phantom, Binance and Slope wallet. You should install and set up your wallet before you sign in to PIP extension.

Create your free and unique PIP Tag

PIP tags are like your wallet addresses on PIP ecosystem. You can share your PIP tag on anywhere to receive payments.

Connect your social profile and Send money

You are all set after connecting one of the supported platforms. You can start sending money with PIP button on social platforms.
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