PIP Extension

Social Payments Made Simple

A new approach to crypto payments

PIP Extension bridges Web2 and Web3 and allows anyone on the Internet to transact crypto payments on existing social networks including Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Discord, and Github.
With PIP Extension, you can:
  • Send and receive money on your favorite social platform
  • Send money and get daily PIP rewards
  • Share your PIP tag anywhere for easy payments
  • Unlock the power of payments for brands and creators

Get Started

Installing the extension

Visit Google Chrome Store (Link) for installing the extension on your Chrome browser.
Mobile devices are not supported for PIP extension. Try PIP.ME or PIP Button for the mobile experience.


Connect one of the supported wallets (
Phantom for Solana,
Binance Wallet and
Metamask for BNB Chain) for registration.
After connecting your wallet, you can claim a PIP tag.
  • It will be both your Web3 identity and new human-readable crypto address.
  • You can post your tag on any website or social media to receive the payment.
PIP tag is not reversible. Please choose your tag carefully.

| Dashboard

  • Checking available balance
  • Changing a primary currency
  • Entering a reward farming page
  • Entering my account page

| Activity

  • Checking overall payment history
  • Checking the detail about the transaction
| Reward Farming
  • Checking the total amount of earned $PIP and unclaimed $PIP
  • Checking the farming history
  • Claiming unclaimed $PIP

| Social Connect

  • Managing all connections of PIP tag between social media

| Settings and Language

  • Managing all extension settings including language
  • Visiting official website, docs page, terms of service, etc.
  • Sign out

Sending payments

You can send money to others with auto-detected PIP tag or auto-generated buttons. You can directly send the money to both users and non-users with direct and escrow services.
If using escrow service, there is 24 hours to claim the payment.

Sending payments with a PIP tag

Sending payments with an auto-embedded button

Connecting additional wallets

You have to connect both blockchains (BNB Chain, Solana) for full functions like transacting various tokens and claiming $PIP with reward program.
You cannot revoke the connection once it is linked to your PIP tag.

Claiming rewards with reward farming

Reward farming is a unique program that incentivize active PIP users. You will receive $PIP, our native governance token as reward, while you send money via PIP extension.
You can simply click “Claim” button to claim $PIP. It will be calculated daily and should be more than 1 $PIP to claim.
You must your Solana wallet (Phantom) to receive $PIP.

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