PIP Button

No-code, Crypto Payments For everyone
PIP Button is the easiest way for both Web2 and Web3 builders to integrate the crypto payment system.
  • Creators or service owners are able to attach the button to the website easily by adding a few lines of customizable code to the webpage.
  • Users can pay for unique content or goods easily by just clicking the button.
With the PIP button, you can integrate major blockchain-based payment systems into your service with a few clicks.

How to set up the PIP Button?

PIP Button Tutorial
  1. 1.
    Go to to create PIP button
  2. 2.
    Select a currency and set the amount
3. Enter your PIP tag or Wallet address
3. Customize the text and color of the button to match your brand identity
5. Copy and embed the generated code on your website.

PIP Button FAQ

Should I sign up for PIP extension for using PIP button?
It is not mandatory to sign up PIP for using PIP button, but it is recommended to register for the service and have PIP tag for a better payment management experience.
What should I prepare before installing PIP button on my website?
You have to prepare at least one wallet before making the button (and signing up for PIP)
What types of websites does the PIP button support?
PIP button supports all kinds of websites based on HTML, Javascript, React, and major third-party services including Webflow, Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.
What kinds of tokens does the PIP button support?
PIP button currently supports SPL(Solana) and Binance Smart Chain tokens and transactions. You can find the full list on
Does PIP button support Solana Pay?
Yes, PIP button supports Solana pay.
Does PIP button support BNB Smart Chain?
Yes, PIP button supports BNB Smart Chain.
Does PIP button support the Mobile payments?
Yes. PIP button supports both mobile and desktop payments.
Can I claim $PIP reward for any transactions on PIP button?
The reward farming program is not applied to the transactions via PIP button.
Last modified 1mo ago