Why PIP?

The vision of global micropayment starts here.

Empowering Individuals

Problem: Centralized and siloed value system

The invention of Internet protocol enables people to transmit information freely, and social services like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have connected all people worldwide to make them share information.
Social services, however, are being centralized and siloed. Those companies have taken value from creators and users under unfair policies without recognizing and rewarding their contributions.
In addition, many people are still bound by the centralized local economic value systems. Their contributions and achievements are rewarded based on their countries, not their quality. There are still a lot of people who still need a bank account.
The existing system still has a lot of blind spots.

Solution: Blockchain and micropayment

PIP believes that the blockchain protocol will be the best solution to solve the problem.
The blockchain protocol enables people to transmit values, similar to the Internet. Any person using the blockchain can send monetary value to others without gatekeepers or central institutions. This paradigm shift will bring two main advantages. People will be freed from the centralized system and move globally; they can transact even a tiny amount of money for less than the transaction fee that institutions have imposed.
PIP will be the Web3 platform on the blockchain protocol, similar to social media. Instead of replacing the existing Web2 platforms and services, PIP bridges Web2 and Web3 to empower individuals on the Internet and ultimately make them onboard for Web3.
Every person can monetize and transact economic values across Web2 and Web3 using products in the PIP ecosystem. PIP can help people unleash their talents and abilities globally and get paid based on their achievements, not their nationalities or locations.
PIP, ultimately, will be the global standard for micropayments.

Getting Started