PIP is a Web 3 layer of the internet.

PIP allows any Web 3 application to be built on top of any website. First, we focus on building seamless payment rails over social media platforms.

1. Payment

PIP Social pay

Users of PIP can send and receive coins over social platforms, such as Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook. PIP displays a payment button on the profile or post of a user that senders can click to make a payment.


PIP tag is a human-readable crypto address (e.g., [email protected]) that is linked with the alphanumeric address (e.g., TxTQLnLuYe... ). Users can post PIP tag in any web page; PIP extension will highlight the PIP tag so that payment can be made seamlessly.
Recipients do not need to be a PIP user to receive coins. When payment is made, the sender can notify the recipient via a comment or a message, and the coins are transferred to the smart contract until the recipient signs up for PIP. If coins are not claimed within 24 hours, they are returned to the sender.

2. Web 3.0 (coming soon)


PIP bio is a social identity tree that contains links of a user's social media accounts. PIP bio helps authenticate users so that interactions among users can be more trustworthy.


PIP users can display their NFT holdings, allowing other PIP users to browse. PIP also provides a marketplace where users can buy and sell authenticated NFTs.

PIP Creator token

PIP enables users to issue their own social tokens. PIP users can distribute their tokens via social media platforms and provide their own utilities attached with tokens.

PIP Swap

PIP allows users to swap tokens instantly on social media platforms via DEX or AMM protocol. For example, while a user is browsing Twitter and see a notable token to invest in, he or she can swap it immediately without leaving Twitter.

3. Others (coming soon)

PIP Paywall

PIP allows users to impose a paywall on social media contents. If a user wants to charge people to read his or her writings on Twitter or Medium, PIP paywall can be integrated on the content. PIP generates a paywall button for people to pay and continue reading.

PIP Card

PIP card is for creators who are not familiar with crypto. For content creators who receive coins via their social media account, PIP card will be a good utility as they can directly purchase goods and services without conversion.
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